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All of us at Y&G persistently endeavor to deliver healthy F&V through innovative and quality practices.


Perpetually remain an established, trusted innovator in Fresh, Frozen, and Processed F&V segment, that constantly attributes toward Quality & Quantity (Q&Q) and contributes to the Farming community as well as the end consumer.


Y&G, a young company, has the strong backing of the Prasad Group – a pioneer in the Global Seed industry. With more than 3 decades of existence, the Group has set the GOLD STANDARD in Seed Processing, Seed Drying, Contract Farming, and Seed Marketing for Multinational Seed companies in India. Today, the Prasad Group stands out as a trusted partner and service provider in the Global Agri industry. Currently, it operates 34 facilities in India and 2 facilities in the Philippines, and 4 International facilities are under implementation for Global Seed companies.

Y & G Products

  • Fresh
    1. Bulk
    2. Retail
    3. Fresh Cut
    4. Institutional
    5. Private Label
  • Frozen
    1. Exports
    2. Institutional
    3. Retail
    4. Private Label
  • Value added F&V’s

Y & G Services

  • Frozen Store
  • Cold Store
  • Logistics


So, how are our fruits and vegetables fresher than the so-called-fresh? Because, at Y&G, we procure our fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers; handpicking the BEST of the produce—and give them to you—at the BEST PRICE. This is possible because of Y&G’s direct link to the farming community for more than 30 years. Furthermore, we take special care to ensure that all fruits and vegetables at our retail outlet are fresh by storing them at the right temperatures and replacing our stocks regularly. Remember, at Y&G, it’s only fresh, always fresh!

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