The Y&G Women who make Fresh Fruits &Vegetables possible !

This Women’s Day, we celebrated the women at Yellows & Greens who help to collect, sort, grade, clean, pack, dispatch, provide customer support, help you in the store and more !!

Thanks to our customers for helping provide jobs and empowering so many women !

A small token of our appreciation. Here are some photos. These are the women who work hard every day to ensure the best and fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered to you every day.

In the coming days, we will introduce each of them and their stories.

A surprise gift of chocolates is all it takes to bring a smile and joy to the women of Yellows and Greens. This is a small token of our appreciation for all their hard work.

If you would like to appreciate these women who make fresh fruits and vegetables possible every day, please send your wishes via Whatsapp on +91-84669-84669.

Or Wish them via our facebook page

Or Write to us or send us a selfie with your favorite Y&G Fruit and Vegetable story at 

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